Yes! Magazine: Living Right on the Wrong Side of Town

I wrote this piece on the recession and how it has affected my family

2 thoughts on “Yes! Magazine: Living Right on the Wrong Side of Town”

  1. Just read your blog about living right on the wrong side of town…excellent! It reminded me of when my boyfriend (now my husband for the last 36 years) and I first started out…poor, living in rentals we painted and improved, in dicey neighborhoods….but happy and connected to our environment, our fellow humans, and the seasons in a way we do not in our comfortable, middle class suburban home. I think their are fewer “walls” between folks when we are not quite as comfortable and complacent….when we need each other….
    Again, excellent article, Corbyn!


  2. Corbyn , I don,t know if this is the same article I read in the ‘Now Magazine ” are not . After reading the article I started following your life , as well as what is going on with your family . Hang in there girl things will change for the better . I also read your article on ” loving the dumpster ” . If I was going to pick a dumpster to pick my organic items out of it would be Trader Joe,s . Pray for you and your family ever day while I am going to work . I also wrote the editor of ” Now Magazine” a stinging email about something she wrote in about old people . I just hope she lives to be old herself . Take Care John


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